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What is Hack Your Healing?

Hack Your Healing is an introspective platform with the purpose of helping individuals to find their purpose and transform their lives.
We are so externally focused as a society and unfortunately, the primary casualty becomes the relationship with ourselves.

HYH’s mission is to create transformation by giving you the tools to find your own treasure.
The vision is to share resources that will allow you to manifest permanent positive change in your life through developed self-awareness.

By sharing introspective resources and healing methods, we allow people to develop the skills they need for self-awareness, happiness, growth, and an expansion in consciousness. Hack Your Healing is full of worksheets, quizzes, and articles to guide you on your journey of self-discovery.

The conglomeration of tools are specifically designed to enable you to find your purpose, understand your needs, transform limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, and help you to create your ideal life.


Hi! I’m Thais and I’m honoured that you’re taking the time to read and explore the resources I have put together. Everything about the mission of this project aligned with who I am. Personal development, philosophy, psychology, and connecting with like-minded individuals is basically imbedded in my DNA.

I work as a behavioral development specialist for adults, specializing in transforming belief systems to balance perceptions around trauma (both conscious and subconscious). My line of work also involves helping individuals find their purpose, manifest their goals, and correct negative thought patterns through developed self-awareness.

My undergraduate work was a BSc. In Psychology, followed by continuing an online Master’s in Metaphysics, certifications in CBT, NLP, Life Coaching, and The Overview Method (specifically designed to release the emotional charges around trauma).

I am a member at the Centre for Social Innovation, Toronto, and write for Collective Evolution, and I am extremely passionate about social change.

I absolutely love teaching and sharing, so please feel free to reach out at any time at

Career & Education

In the career and education centre, we have specifically designed a career test that will direct you towards your life's purpose. The Hack Your Passion quiz is formulated to help you determine where your "Passion" intersects with your "Skillset." This is your niche; the sweet spot that will involve your life's purpose.

Emotional Healing

Whatever our experiences or wherever we are at in life, genetics will load the gun – but it is our perception of the environment that will pull the trigger on our decisions. We are not simply genetics plus environment, or nature plus nurture.

Inspiration Centre

Inspiration is a beautiful thing. It can transmute negativity into deep and beautiful expression, transform the ordinary into spectacular, and motivate a person beyond their previously self-perceived capabilities. Inspiration is a major component of both success and spiritual connection.

Introspective Growth

HYP offers a variety of tools that will make the process of self-discovery fun, interesting and productive so that you can begin to create the life for yourself that you desire!

How to HYH:

It may not be happening to you yet, but one day it will become increasingly difficult to push yourself at the things you’re disinterested in.
Success can only drive you so far, until passion is what determines your happiness and success. But nothing lasts forever, and that is why one of the most important components of succeeding in any field is the willingness to expand. Passion will never be a destination, but a purposeful direction.

In the day to day process of creating a life for ourselves, the closest thing we can experience to death is a life of stagnancy – a life where we routine that closes us off from growth and expansion.
Many people make the assumption that when you land a job you like, the race is over and self-development ceases. This is where people often become the victim of change a few years down the line, rather than a creator of circumstance.

Growth is a must if you want to enjoy your life – so it is naïve to think that there will ever be a point at which you can stop creating.
On that note, the key points to finding your passion are: openness to introspection, willingness to grow and following your creative energy.

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Symptoms and Perceptions

Symptom/Perception/Solution Chart The primary focus of the emotional healing center is on the notion that genetics loads the gun, but our perception of our environment pulls the trigger. This has been 100% proven by something known as epigenetics: the notion that our perception causes a reaction which modifies the way cells express themselves. To take […]


Uprooting Procrastination

Uprooting Procrastination In order to remove procrastination tendencies from our lives, we must first understand what procrastination actually is. Procrastination is always the result of fear. It is an avoidant behavior due to resistance that is occurring in a person’s life that is rooted in fear. The fear that causes resistance is the result of […]

Career & Education

Awareness Through Introspection

Awareness through Introspection Tools to teach people how to control their minds, change their perception and awaken to their highest Self. Science might call this re-wiring the brain and spirituality would call this unwinding the ego. But the way it works is that we identify and uproot the negative perceptions or dogmas that we have […]

Introspective Growth

The Society That Creates Sickness

The Society That Creates Sickness   I recently watched a documentary called Thrive when I started wondering why sugar addiction was threatening us so much and nobody was doing anything about it…… I want to start off by saying that I am not much of a conspiracy theorist. However, after doing thousands of hours of […]

Introspective Growth

Techniques That Aid in Emotional Management

Techniques that Aid in Emotional Management In one of the previous articles, “Change Your Life: Where Spirituality, Science and Psychology Meet” I referenced many different techniques in the psychology part of the chart that can be applied in conjunction with the scientifically-supported spiritual principles. While it is somewhat challenging to outline everything in a simple […]

Emotional Healing